Make A Difference

The Sgt. Mark P. Adams Foundation organizes and hosts Christian based wrestling clinics by providing opportunities to develop wrestling skills and techniques while showing students the difference God can make in their lives.  The theme of the clinics is “Turning Tragedy into Triumph”.

Camps Held

Presented with the gospel


While a student at Cary High School, Sgt. Mark P. Adams participated on the school’s wrestling team and developed a passion for the sport. After his initial enlistment, Sgt. Adams returned home and was a volunteer with his former coach. It was during this time home that Adams felt compelled to rejoin the Marines in the fight against terrorism.

The Cary High School wrestling team won the North Carolina State Championship the season following Sgt. Adams’ death.  The team had a Marine emblem with Sgt. Adams’ name on their state championship ring to honor Sgt. Adams and to recognize the impact he had on the lives of those he helped coach.  The Foundation wants to continue the legacy of Sgt. Adams and desires to continue to help and positively influence middle and high school wrestlers.

The first day clinic took place in 2006 at Orange High School and since that day, the Foundation has sponsored an annual Sgt. Mark Adams Wrestling Clinic.  Under the direction of Coach Bobby Shriner, former Head Wrestling Coach at Orange High School, and through Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), the Foundation hosts schools from around North Carolina.  A top wrestling coach is selected to teach wrestling moves and shares their testimony of how God has made a difference in their life. Phillip Adams also shares about Sgt. Adams and how wrestling made an impact in his life as well as how they have hope that Sgt. Adams is in Heaven because of his personal relationship with Jesus.  The theme has been “Turning Tragedy in Triumph”.