Sgt. Mark P. Adams

The Sgt. Mark P. Adams Foundation was established in May of 2006 in order to honor the memory of Sgt. Mark P. Adams, who died on October 15, 2005 while serving his country in the United States Marines Corps, in Iraq. The Foundation will accomplish this goal by organizing and taking part in two charitable activities: Conducting Christian evangelistic and mission work in Peru; and organizing and hosting Christian based wrestling camps and clinics, which will teach middle and high school aged kids the fundamentals of wrestling and scriptural principals.

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Make a Difference wrestling camps

The Corporation will organize and host Christian based wrestling camps and clinics. While a student at Cary High School, NC, Sgt. Adams participated on the school wrestling team and developed a passion for the sport. After Sgt. Adams' initial enlistment, he returned home and volunteered to help Head Coach Jerry Winterton in coaching the Cary High wrestling team, until he felt compelled to rejoin the Marines to help with the fight against terrorism.

The Cary High wrestling team won the North Carolina state championship the season following Sgt. Adams' death. The team had a Marine emblem with Sgt. Adams' name on their state championship ring to honor Sgt. Adams and the impact he had on the lives of those he helped coach.

The Corporation has the goal of continuing to help and positively influence middle and high school aged individuals who participate in wrestling by organizing and hosting Christian based day clinics and wrestling camps. The first day clinic took place in 2006. A top wrestling coach from the state of Pennsylvania came to the clinic, teaching wrestling moves and also sharing his testimony of how God had made a difference in his life. The individuals attending the camp received lunch and a t-shirt.

Passion for Peru Ministry

The "Passion for Peru Ministryā€¯, will focus on organizing charitable and evangelistic mission trips to the country of Peru. The Adams' interest in mission work in Peru began in October of 2004 when Sgt. Adams' parents, Phillip and Rene, traveled to the small Peruvian town of Recuay with a church group from Greensboro, N.C. After this trip, the Adams felt that they should return to Peru to take Bibles and supplies to the pastors located in this area. During their return trip, while traveling through the mountains, Phillip was moved by the fact that many of the homes in the area had no electricity or running water, and many of the children did not have proper shoes and clothing. Thus, they returned to Peru for a third time to take food, money, and shoes to those in need. Upon their return to the United States, the Adams shared pictures and videos of their journey with their friends who were excited and wanted to help with their efforts.

Encouraged by others willingness to help, the Adams then formed the Corporation to allow others to donate their time and/or funds to support their work in Peru. Through the Corporation, the Adams will continue to conduct their charitable and evangelistic work in the remote regions of Peru. The goal of the Corporation is to organize future mission trips to Peru in order to teach scriptural principals and take needed supplies to the region.